Programme on Sustainable Development of the Area of Aragvi Protected Landscape and Local Community

Czech Development Cooperation has been implementing a complex programme on Sustainable Development of Aragvi Protected Landscape since 2018. The main goal of the programme with an overall budget of 2,3 million Euros, co-funded by Austrian Development Cooperation since July 2021 and complemented also by projects of SlovakAid, is to provide a framework for sustainable development of Aragvi Protected Landscape (established by law in 2020). Thus it should set rules for the use of local natural resources, ensure decent socio-economic conditions for local population and help to attract more tourists to the breathtaking mountain regions of Pshavi, Piraketa Khevsureti and Gudamakari.

Cooperation with all relevant stakeholders on national and regional level within the implementation of the Programme is stipulated in the Memorandum of Understanding, signed in 2021 by Czech Development Agency, Austrian Development Agency, SlovakAid, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture and Dusheti Municipality.

The Aragvi Programme consists of several projects, implemented by Czech experts from public institutions as well as by Czech NGO People in Need

Sustainable Development of Communities in Aragvi

Sustainable Development of Communities in Aragvi - mobilization and empowerment of local population for decision-making through the establishment of Aragvi Local Action Group and grants support to local business initiatives, implemented by NGO People in Need.

Aragvi Local Action Group / არაგვის თემთა განვითარების ჯგუფი | Facebook
არაგვის განვითარების ჯგუფი (

Implementation of Sustainable Forestry for the Aragvi Protected Landscape

forest inventory and management plan in order to ensure sustainable use of Aragvi forests and to provide ecosystem services in Aragvi forests for the needs of permanent population, the conservation of functional and production potential of local forests, implemented by the Czech public organization Forest Management Institute

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Project in Georgia –

The Aragvi is in Georgia on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains.

The river is 112 kilometres (70 mi) long, and its basin covers an area of 2,740 square kilometres (1,060 sq mi).